Welcome Cocaine Helbreath

Max Level.- 300

Max stats.- 500

Rate Exp.- High

Drop rate.- High

Ek Rate.- 15


Magestics Points

Anti Hacks- Edits

Disfruten Del Servidor

Cocaine Helbreath
Welcome to the Server Helbreath Welcome to Helbreath Server! Hey, we are currently Arrangements web as you can see, as well as refine the server to be ready as soon as possible, we expect wait Before long, because the server is almost ready for the opening of the new players. Helbreath server www.hbcocaine.tk
Staff Team Cocaine Helbreath
Remember The GM `S just remove those that are in the Team Staff ADMINMrs = Admin Maker ADMINReix=Amidn Maker GMWebMaker= Web Master
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